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Creator of well-being, I offer you different activities 

Children's Activities

For children: 5-10 years old:

Treasure hunt, Building sand castles,

marble tracks,

Daycare center with workshops and beach games


Horse riding, water skiing...

Have fun, discover your environment.


Make it a game, meet. Allow parents and children to live their stay.


For more autonomy and freedom


For teenagers: Orienteering course Water skiing: buoy, jetski... Paddle


Who am I ?



Mom, nanny, Bafa animator, children's literature,

I took a laughter yoga, stress management and nutrition training course.

I am also a personal care consultant.

Why ? Because I am in search of well-being in its entirety: to find your inner child,

let go, relax, be pampered and maintain your body.

Activities for all 


Laughter Yoga


To regain enthusiasm, joy and good humor in the morning, nothing better than a smile or a laugh.

It's so rare these days


At first a little forced, the laughter becomes spontaneous. By this simple effort, the more relaxed body evacuates stress and allows better cellular oxygenation. It activates good mood hormones (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin) boosting our energy like an athlete.


Come take a breath of fresh air and have fun laughing for the pleasure of lightening your body and mind.

Adult activities


Goddess Cosmetics 


I offer you advice, face, body, hand or foot care using natural-based cosmetic products not tested on animals.


Our favorite range is Apricot.

Reconciling a scent of childhood and

quality care is our wish.


Make-up, food supplements or

basic necessities, everything is possible.


To know more :

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