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Become a Partner

Do you want to talk about your job, receive locals or tourists to share your passion with them, but you don't know how to organize it?  

You want to develop your clientele, distribute your offers on new distribution channels but you are rather lost?

Are you looking for personalized support to do so and devote yourself solely to your activity without it costing you a lot?  

Are you an entrepreneur and e-commerce is complicated for you and are you looking for a solution to relieve yourself and save you time and money?


Then you are in the right place, Arcabay Agency offers you THE solution.

We put our skills at your disposal to enhance your activities.


The possibility of proposing your activities, your workshops, of sharing your passion on a practical and effective platform.  

Create a quick and effective link between you, a professional , and curious visitors to the Bassin d'Arcachon.

Arcabay Agency offers you different possibilities.

The Launch pack is accessible to everyone and it's free , so you can register your activity on the platform and increase your visibility.

Efficient reservation system offers you an efficient, accessible and customizable reservation system.

personalized support

We accompany you throughout the implementation on the platform.

We take care of the communication of your activity in several languages, the management of reservations, the payment of the customer, the whole transaction is secure on the site.

national and international referencing 

Local referencing thanks to the many concierge services

and national and international referencing on known channel managers.

You present your activity and you share your passion with your customers. You devote yourself fully to your job. 

various activities 

Becoming Arcabay Partners in the Arcachon Basin means being referenced locally through numerous concierge services and internationally through known channel managers.

We take care of the communication of your activity in several languages, the management of reservations, the payment of the customer, the whole transaction is secure on the site and

you only devote yourself to your activity.

Free registration
with Sales Commission Only 

Launch Pack 

- Creation and posting of your activity on the site

- Help in creating your Facebook events and setting up the payment link for activities.  

- Reception of your reservation confirmation emails on your mailbox.  

- Management of online sales, sending a summary of reservations and the list of participants

- Secure online payment solution

- Less advertising costs, you only pay if you win customers

- Logistical support during your first activity.

- Single attendant  

Digital package 

- Help with the creation, animation and follow-up with you of your Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin account.  

-Taking photos for creating visuals and creating videos for communication on Youtube.  

- Creation of a Web page on the Site for the communication of your activities.

- Integration of the link for the reservation directly via Facebook and other social networks.

- Promotion of activities on well-known tourist market places.

Premium package

- Tailor-made and customizable offer  to allow you to better manage your activity

- Multi-language translation of all your activities

- VIP access to the system to create your reservations directly in the calendar, modify them, delete them as if it were yours.

- Management of your list of participants  

with integrated messaging to send them information

- Thanks to the QR code reader app, you can validate the tickets yourself.


Together, let's develop the tourist economy in the Arcachon Basin


Let's become partners!

Would you like to join our panel of partners and collaborate together?

Contact us:

Phone: 06 51 41 33 02 

Thank you for what you sent !

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